Absolute matt solutions, ultra-matt coatings for home spaces


Ultra-matt coatings for home spaces

The absolute matt for
interior design


The extra-matt finishings drive the contemporary design trends. You can efficiently realize this specific aesthetic result by means of Absolute Matt Solutions coatings, thus obtaining anti-reflection, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint surfaces. The sensory experience offered by Absolute Matt Solutions goes beyond the sight. Thanks to these hi-tech coatings, surfaces become exquisitely soft-to-the-touch. This is an added value for furniture, wood floorings and every other home accessory. Technologies, based on excimers and conventional drying, fit every coating system and are suitable for every surface: solid wood, veneers, fiber panels (LDF, MFD, HDF), melamine paper, glass, plastic.


Colors define what beauty is. They enhance and soften shapes. They chase lights and shadows. Renner Italia laboratories color study is at the service of designers, architects and producers. If painted, these extra-matt coatings reproduce every code of the chromatic scales of RAL, NCS, etc.; the clear version allows the satin and refined natural look of wood to be seen. Absolute Matt Solutions range is developed as a creativity tool. It is aimed at making every object unique and memorable, by means of the most refined special effects, such as materic textured, tactile, three-dimensional.

A range orbiting
around you

Absolute Matt Solutions coatings are developed to reach and reproduce the highest aesthetic and performance levels in every industrial field. Enjoy the absolute matt, the resistances and the other features of this range aside from the application methods. Depending on your application equipment, Absolute Matt Solutions range for furniture, accessories, wood floorings offers two different coatings lines: EXC and AIR.


Excimers lamps drying coatings

Excimers lamps matte the EXC technology coatings. These products can be applied by roller, spray gun or curtain coater to obtain smooth or materic textured surfaces, with 3D homogeneous and replicable textures. Without oxygen, UV rays of excimers lamps hit the coating, thus contracting its surface. This is a specific reaction of photo-crosslinkable polymers, contained inside EXC products. Such contraction causes a specific diffusion of light, which is perceived as an ultra-matt effect, i.e. always less than 3 gloss. Excimers lamp drying systems are generally used by those who need high performances in terms of speed and efficiency to produce large scale batches.

Self-repairing power of EXC coatings
EXC coatings ensure a high resistance against scratches. In the event of particularly aggressive abrasions that make it through the barrier of these products, it is possible to repair the coating by covering it with a wet cloth and ironing it.


Conventional systems drying coatings

AIR technology coatings dry by means of conventional drying systems, i.e. with air or in the oven. They have to be blended with suitable hardener and applied by spray gun to obtain smooth or materic textured surfaces, with 3D homogeneous and replicable patterns. Considering these application features, AIR line products grant aesthetic, functional and resistance performances, which can be compared to EXC coatings. They do not have self-repairing power, but some formulas are A+ certified in terms of indoor air emissions.


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