With the 25th March, 2020 regulation the Italian Government hardened the measures to fight coronavirus. By presenting the new measures, the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, clearly declared: “We decided to close everywhere in Italy every production activity which is not crucial, indispensable to guarantee essential goods and services”.
Even though this statement cannot be misunderstood, the decree doesn’t refer to the activities concerning wood coatings.
Thus, formally those who produce coatings could keep doing their activity without changes.
Indeed, coating home decorations or doors and windows cannot be considered as essential in this moment.

Moved by a sentiment of reliability and sense of responsibility, in the light of the dramatic news that now touch the whole world, Renner Italia decided to stop its production up to 3rd April, 2020.
The scenario, that concerned only Italy and China up to some days ago, unfortunately are now touching most of the nations. There are millions of people making sacrifices without precedent in this moment, which are obliged to stop their activities, going through emotional and economic pain conditions. These people deserve respect. It is necessary to take an active role to contain the epidemic, not hiding behind a convenient formalism.
Are wood coatings essential goods and services for health and food supply? The answer must be “no”.

In respect of all people, Renner stops the coating production and participates to the international common effort for the health emergency. As always, the company sides with people. Above all, the health of workers and their families, customers and all the participants in the supply chain must be protected.
We thank all of them for the work they’ve done in the last weeks, when we adopted a severe protocol to fight covid-19.
Now it’s time to stay at home and to be responsible part of a wider community. In some weeks we will restart stronger than before.