Covid-19: for the last 14 months renner italia has been taking prevention and safety measures

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It’s been fourteen months since the pandemic of Covid-19 turned our life upside-down. Since the first case in Codogno, Renner Italia has been spending energy upon health prevention and continuity of product delivery. The serious lack of raw materials makes this situation even harder. Thus, we keep fighting for health and work every day more tenaciously and with more determination.
Since the beginning of pandemic, we purchased and provided to all employees 100.000 face masks (surgical and PPE masks), hand sanitizer and ethyl alcohol. All work stations are equipped with Plexiglas. We encourage online meetings with suppliers and we stopped all non-essential visits within the company. However, we invested in bringing our employees back to work safely.
In April/May 2020 we decided to stay closed, to pay attention to the delicate moment the Country was going through. After lockdown closure we succeeded in keeping the offices full and operational. To do that, we have been taking the strict safety measures imposed by the Ministry of Health.

Woman wearing face mask while working in office with laptop and using hand alcohol gel or sanitizer bottle dispenser against corona virus Covid-19. Antiseptic, hygiene and health concept. Prevention of the pandemic virus outbreak

Every morning we sanitize spaces by means of atomizers. Then, a team of 5 people sanitizes all surfaces, such as handles, handrails, desks, packaging machinery, earth plates, forklifts etc. for the following 8 hours on loop. During lunch break we sanitize floors of warehouses and production plants.
We signed a new agreement for lunch supply, interrupting an old one we had with a dining hall which served several companies. The new agreement is more expensive, but it allows to rotate all employees in three shifts, keeping distance during lunch when face masks are off, and to prevent contact with other companies.
Every week, each employee conducts a nasal swab, as we purchased 5.000 samples. We are defusing potential clusters with the so-called rapid tests. Clusters could bring production and supply of products on its knees. These products are earmarked to your company and thousands of others.
In cooperation with General Confederation of Italian Industry in Emilia-Romagna (Confindustria Emilia), Emilia-Romagna region and Local health Organization (AUSL) in Bologna, we play a leading role in starting the new National protocol for vaccines inside the companies. We could vaccinate our employees and their families within the months of June and July.

Ogni settimana tutti i dipendenti si sottopongano a test antigenico

Every day, we protect people and work. So we did fourteen months ago. And we are still involved to win this fight.