The coatings
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Pure Green Coatings:
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Pure Green Coatings were born to combine technological progress and nature conservation.
We believe that chemistry plays a leading role in sustainable development.
In other words, chemistry must satisfy the needs of contemporary generation, without undermining the expectations of the next generations.
We’re convinced that the societies of the future have the same right of the current society.
Pure Green Coatings take care of next generations. We want to guarantee to everybody, in particular to our sons, the access to the high performances of made in Italy wood coatings.

the coatings for the next generation

Choose the zero
emissions coatings

The crown jewel of Pure range is the protective product PG 01YO. The first emission free product! This is a plant origin product.

Developed to satisfy the performances offered by the basecoat and the topcoat for indoor furniture and floors, this protective product was born from the synthesis of unrefined herbal substances (such as linseed oil and carnauba wax) mixed with raw materials of guaranteed origin. It’s a matt and 1k product with top performances in the field of hardness, resistance to cold liquids, waterproofing, light resistance, applicability, sandability, drying, stackability. The high technologic content of natural resins and raw materials makes PG 01YO suitable both for industrial manufacturing process and for masterly application by hand.

Reduce special wastes

Using Pure plant origin coatings means adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability to fight climate change and ensure indoor air healthiness.

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