Ultimate Protection UV+ hydro-oils for Anfa Park Casablanca

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Ultimate ProtectionUV+ hydro-oils
for Anfa Park Casablanca


In January 1943, at the peak of the world war, Franklin Roosevelt landed on the African shores of the Atlantic.
The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and the General of Free France, Charles de Gaulle, were waiting for him on the tarmac of the Anfa airfield in Casablanca. On that day, Roosevelt became the first US president to travel by plane during his term of office. The old Casa-Anfa airport went down in history. It was the mandatory stopover on the line connecting Paris and Europe to the coasts of West Africa and Latin America. Until the 1970s, hundreds of thousands of letters flew to and from Casa-Anfa on the wings of the Aéropostale line. In this area of high historical and social value, Morocco continues to rethink itself as a country with its own distinct modern identity. Even in the field of architecture and city planning.

Symbol of urban renewal
in Morocco

Casa Anfa project has a precise goal: to reintroduce Casablanca in the contemporary world. Based on the principles of sustainable development, Casa Anfa is first and foremost a large 50-hectare park (Anfa Park), the setting for a wide network of green spaces connected to the city through efficient public mobility. Casa Anfa is also the new economic district, symbol of Morocco of the future. It is the quarter that houses the financial center of the city.


Finally, Casa Anfa is a complex system of services for the lives of its 100,000 residents and all other citizens. Morocco wants to place Casa Anfa at the centre of a transformation system of the existing city.

Casa Anfa project is intended to be a joining link between past, present and future, part of the preservation of the glorious memory of the site


Renner Italia coatings
for Casa Anfa

Inside Anfapark the wood covers a leading role. This noble material, processed through a modern design, is undoubtedly a tool for dialogue between past, present and future. That’s why the designers have made extensive use of wooden street furniture. The need to enhance its originality and protect its beauty led to the use of exclusive Renner Italia hydro-oils.

Ultimate ProtectionUV+ solutions improve the wood longevity. These water-based coatings ward off the attacks from the most dangerous atmospheric and biological agents, thus revolutionising the concepts of care and maintenance. Thanks also to the Self-Consuming formula, maintenance and restoration, which are normally complex and demanding procedures, finally become quick operations, as sanding is no more necessary. Ultimate ProtectionUV+ hydro-oils nourish the wood of the street furniture of Casa Anfa, enhancing its design. Furthermore, they are attentive to nature and reduce VOC emissions.

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