Paint sheen


Specific unit of measurement used to determine the gloss level of a coating product. The values are expressed as a percentage and define the appearance of the surface of a coating film, after drying, as a function of the incident light specularly reflected from the surface of the coating. The evaluation scale varies from a minimum value of 0 – non-reflecting surface, to the maximum value of 100, total reflection of incident light. In general, the brightness or opacity value of a product is indicated by the following terms:
– Intense matt = gloss degrees from 1 to 10
– Matt = gloss degrees from 11 to 30
– Middle average = gloss degrees from 31 to 40
– Semi matt = gloss degrees from 41 to 50
– Semi shiny = gloss of brightness from 51 to 80
– Shiny = gloss degrees from 80 to 100.