Inside our plants

We believe in Labour as a value carved in the Constitution of the Italian Republic.
We support the creative thought, the assumption of responsibility, the team work.
We promote the differences and facilitate theconditions for equal opportunities.


Every citizen has the duty, according to personal potential and individual choice, to perform an activity or a function that contributes to the material
or spiritual progress of society.

Art. 4 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic


Outside our plants

We are astonished by the beauty that surrounds and we want to preserve it with our hi-tech research.
We allow consumers to act in line with their sensibilities and not based merely on the traditional criteria of price, product quality and ease of access.
We work on listening and discussion bases. We build our relationships on mutual trust.


The business can and must give itself aims different from the simple profit. Obviously, the economical part is important: a company would not exist without turnover and profit. But the pursuit of economical wealth must always fly on the wings of the respect of human dignity. And the labour defines human dignity.

From Lindo Aldrovandi’s speech for the 10th Anniversary of Renner Italia.
Bologna, 20th December 2013.


Inside each drum of our coatings
there is our Code of Ethics too

Renner Italia aims to satisfy every customer, and is committed to exceed their expectations.
We are persuaded that everyone who come in touch with us must draw a sense of belonging and gratification from this experience.

Our Code of Ethics
fixes the principles that inspire every activity.

It offers models to the individual who come in touch with the organisation: shareholders, employees, suppliers, clients, commercial and financial partners, associations, authorities, foundations, local communities.

Furthermore, Renner Italia’s Code of Ethics regulates the adoption of behaviours, inside and outside the structure, in every nation, in the full respect of people, environment, fair competition, honesty, integrity, decency and good faith.

This collection is a consideration about every goal already reached by Renner Italia.

Strong points that the company wants to fix in order to magnify their value and promote their consolidation.