The impossible is possible: the topic of the thirteenth Agents Meeting. Renner still in development in 2017.

The impossible is possible. This is the topic of the thirteenth Renner Italia’s Agents Meeting, which occurred last Friday and Saturday at Palazzo di Varignana (Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna). The impossible is possible, i.e an oxymoron evoked from a small masterpiece enshrined in the museum part of the resort. An eight millimeter grain of rice on which it is reproduced the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok.

As always, sales manager Manuel Siragna held the reins and emphasized the good year of the national market. “At this complicated time, the Country in our field shows faint signs of recovery, but the furniture and  doors and windows manufacturers market recognizes us as an irreplaceable partner, remarked Siragna at the end of the meeting.

This last year marked again Renner Italia’s growth. As always, from its foundation in 2004. A strengthening that does not end in the mere economic result (turnover in 2017 is close to 105 million, + 4.2%).

Renner Italia is growing on all fronts. From employment levels to product supply. From the international establishment of roots of its wood coatings to infrastructural investments. But, above all, Renner grows its perception of reliability and quality of the product and service. “We continue investing in facilities and research. But above all, we continue investing in human capital, our true different value”, explained Lindo Aldrovandi, Renner Italia’s founder and CEO, who also wanted to recall the most significant steps in the young success story of Renner Italia.

The thirteenth meeting was also an opportunity to greet Giovanni Ciafrè’s entrance into the team, financial analysis professor in prestigious Italian universities, which will deal with strategic marketing and export.

Alessandro Nanni and Wladimiro Boffelli, respectively responsible of purchasing and security offices, focused on raw materials and risk classifications in 2018.

Marco Mobili, director of the laboratory dedicated to the formulation of water-based coatings, presented Pure Green Coatings, the new line of products that are environmentally friendly.

Sirio Gibin explained the new Color System reader.

Paola Tinuper, from the Milanese studio Azzolini-Tinuper, launched the Color Tunes Book: the colour design according to Renner Italia.

Elisa Khayam, Luca Alimenti and Andrea Ori illustrated the new features of Rio Verde, Firewall and Solid lines.

The communication manager, Luca Fotia, closed the event by baptizing the new Renner Virtual Tour app already available on Apple and Android stores.