All trends 2022+: take inspiration from NCS, RAL and PANTONE color studies

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Renner coatings for color in 2022

Color is narration, it describes reality and mixes it with fantasy. Color defines, gathers, inspires, houses, encourages, charms. Color is object and sense. It is cause and effect. It is heart and mind. Interior design must consider the color definition of the finishing. Renner Italia inspires industrial and handcrafted creativity in furniture field through coatings: amazing tools to define visual identity.

From color charts to international observatories

This collection gathers 2022 trends, highlighted by main international companies in the field of color charts development: NCS, RAL and PANTONE. During the last few years, these institutes not only strengthened their universal color-coding systems (namely standard and unique language to communicate colors without margins of error).

With more and more authority in the field, NCS, RAL and PANTONE interpreted big color trends, defined the most important changes and became a point of reference for inspirations and color matchings.

By means of this compendium, Renner Italia wants to support furniture industry, gathering in only one folder NCS, RAL and PANTONE color proposals. But that’s not all.

At the end of this work, you can find the color study COLOR TUNES BOOK, realized by Milanese architects Azzolini and Tinuper for Renner Italia, enhancing its made-in-Italy nature.

Limitless colors with tinting Color System

By means of its tinting system, Renner Italia can accurately reproduce every shade of the color wheel. An endless range of solutions, able to satisfy the needs of designers and companies, asking for high-quality pigmented finishings. Our tinting systems for water-based and solvent-based coatings satisfy requirements of precision, speed and ease of use all over the world. They keep the best quality standards and reduce human intervention.

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