The roots: in a reborn Italy

This story takes place in Italy during the years after the Second World War, in an atmosphere of hope.
In the southern hills of Bologna there is a company that produces wood coatings.
The founder is Giancarlo Cocchi, an enlightened entrepreneur who understands the golden moment of wood industry.

The title passes to Aldrovandi

Mid 80s, Cocchi sells his company to an English group, asking to keep one of his employees at the head of the business.
The name of the new company manager is Lindo Aldrovandi, the son of a policemen former partisan and a housewife.

Between 1987 and 2003, Aldrovandi reinforces an already successful industrial experience. The brand is well-known. Research is innovative. Activities are hectic. There is no lack of work. Sales increase from 36 billion of old Italian liras (18 million euros) to 100 million euros.
And then, the property passes from English to American owners.

and the Italian dream

In July 2003 a new period begins.New American owners do not agree with Aldrovandi’s choices; they are sure to be better than him. They argue and then Aldrovandi is fired. It is a difficult moment, full of tension and disappointment, but Aldrovandi does not give up.

The friends and the new beginning

In August 2003, Aldrovandi meets some old friends. On one side Giancarlo Cocchi’s heirs, founder of Aldrovandi’s former company, and on the other Cenacchi’s family, the owners of the Brazilian company Renner Sayerlack, leader in the field of wood coatings in South America.
Aldrovandi wants to start again, to build a new business, to produce coatings again. Actually, he wants to produce the best wood coatings. To reach this aim he needs somebody who believes in him.

Renner Italia sees the light and Lindo Aldrovandi is obviously at the helm of the new company.

First stone in Minerbio

Already in autumn 2003, some of Aldrovandi’s old collaborators decided to resign and follow him in his new project. In Minerbio, in January 2004, the first Renner Italia plant is inaugurated. Only five months passed after Aldrovandi’s layoff.

Since 2004, 70 employees of the old company have followed Aldrovandi. Meanwhile, Renner Italia becomes one of the leaders in the field of wood coatings, an excellence in the international chemistry.

Aldrovandi’s politics


Lindo Aldrovandi has establish the 14th month of salary since the beginning, even if this wasn’t provided for by the collective agreement.


Since 2009, a part of the profits is distributed to the workers.


Since 2012, 50% of the energy savings is deposited in the pay check.


Since 2014, Renner Italia’s coatings are produced in plants powered with hydroelectric, aeolian, solar and biomass energy.


Since 2015 the corporate social responsibility initiative “La Buona Vernice” is launched by Renner Italia to support the activities of 10 non- profit associations in the field of solidarity projects, cultural promotion and youth sport promotion.


Since 2018, the company has been supporting young illustrators under 40 yo with its venture “Premio per il Contemporaneo”.

There is a whole idea of the world inside a can of Renner Italia’s wood coatings.
An idea deeply rooted in our history.

Most significant stages

Renner Italia’s foundation / Turnover: 2,5 MM €
Catas certifications / Turnover 14 MM €
Ever Summer project / Solvent-based coatings’ production plant is built
Rio Verde, coatings for private consumers are created / Turnover 33,5 MM €
Production: 12.000 tons / Employees: 150
World Wide Project / Distribution of the 15% of the profit to the employees / Turnover: 42,5 MM €
Renner Spagna is created / Turnover 54 MM €
Renner France is created / Company to Watch certification / Turnover: 62 MM €
Odyssey and Arctic Projects / Company to watch certification / Energetic savings inside the paycheck / iRenner App
Fire-retardant coatings Firewall are created / Prize “Impresa Ambiente” / Production: 20.000 tons / Turnover 78 MM € / Employees 226
Tenth anniversary / Company to watch certification / New raw materials storage
New Logistics establishment / Renner Polska is created / New coatings range for parquet Solid / Turnover 92 MM / Employees 260
Blue Shield Protection project / Rennerplast coatings / Zero formaldehyde/ Turnover 100 MM
Company to Watch / Establishment of Renner India / Establishment of Renner UK
Creation of Pure Green Coatings / First edition of Premio per il Contemporaneo Renner Italia / Turnover: 120 mln €