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The microlibrary Warak Kayu in Samarang (Java, Indonesia) is the first architectural wonder of the year 2021 inside Renner Heritage project. Inside RH we underline worthy artistic, cultural and social projects realized also by means of Renner Italia coatings. Nowadays, the microlibrary Warak Kayu is not only a public building with an amazing design, but it is also a public symbol for the promotion of reading in poor areas. A communal multifunctional space, realized by means of eco-friendly materials: this is the fifth microlibrary project in the area and it will be included in a specific journey of conscious tourism.

Designed by SHAU and realized by PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia, completely with meranti plywood, the microlibrary Warak Kayu is in the running of becoming the most beautiful building in Taman Kasmaran, a square in the centre of the populous Samarang. Beauty is the distinctive feature of the entire project. From Warak Kayu you can enjoy a wonderful view, e.g., the river and the colourful “Rainbow Village” of Kampung Pelangi, local tourist attraction and colourful project of urban renovation. To be noticed, there is a school nearby.

The concept developed by SHAU architect’s studio is based on the height of the building. The connection to the tradition of “rumah panggung” (stilt house) is obvious.

The design is combined with

  • a wide area destined to laboratories
  • a podium for book presentation or film viewing
  • a seesaw and a net playground where kids can play, relax, read and talk to their parents are in the ground floor.


A glimpse inside the beautiful microlibrary Warak Kayu


The wooden material on which PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia perfectly worked is certified FSC. The Indonesian company chose the exclusive hydro-oils of ULTIMATE PROTECTION UV+ range by Renner Italia. These water-based products are not only attentive to the environment and aesthetically qualified by a natural worthy effect. Above all, they are extremely resistant to UV wear and self-consuming, so the maintenance can be completed without sanding. The microlibrary Warak Kayu is designed according to green building standards. It doesn’t use air conditioning, despite the fact that Samarang has a monsoonal tropical climate. The building is air-conditioned through crossed ventilation, impeding the entrance of sun heat with the help of shading elements. These latter stop the aggression of atmospheric and biological agents. Combined with ULTIMATE PROTECTION UV+ hydro-oils.


Microlibrary Warak Kayu in Samarang from another point of view


With the exception of the CLS foundations, all wooden elements were prefabricated in Samarang within 20 km from the square Taman Kasmaran. Less noise. And even less dust.
Insignificant impacts on the environment. SHAU and PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia had a very worthy method.

To be noticed that this is the product of the collaboration between private and public sectors and it is freely accessible. Thanks also to the charity foundation Harvey Center.



Microlibrary Warak Kayu is the winner of the award BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2021 – Category: Public & Landscape Architecture


Thanks for the partnership to: Dodong Purnomo, PT. KAYU LAPIS INDONESIA general manager; Paulus Ardinato, PT. UNGGUL SEJATI ADIDAYA sales country manager.