La biodiversità è rosa: il Pantone 1775C è molto più di un colore

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Biodiversity is pink:
Pantone 1775C
is much more than a colour

Biodiversity is pink:
Pantone 1775C
is much more than a colour


Which colour represents biodiversity? A shade of pink, according to Pantone.
Before we find out why, remember that in just two months Pantone Color Institute will reveal the colour of the year 2023.

As always, much curiosity surrounds this decision. In December the US company identifies trend colours that should influence the design of fashion, furniture, graphics, etc. Very Peri 17-3938 was selected in 2022.

Pink shade of Pantone 1775c color of biodiversity

Now, with an unexpected choice full of ecological meaning, Pantone gave a specific value to a shade embedded into its metrics. It is Pantone Color of Biodiversity and it has a goal: acting as a chromatic testimony for the survival of the ecosystem. Pantone 1775 C takes its origin from the oldest pigment on Earth. It was discovered by Nur Gueneli, a researcher at Anu Research School of Earth Sciences, inside 1.1 billion-year-old marine sedimentary rocks of Taoudeni Basin in Mauritania. “The bright pink pigments are the molecular fossils of chlorophyll produced by ancient photosynthetic organisms that inhabited an ancient already disappeared ocean“, Gueneli explained.


From remote Sahara
to web awareness actions

With an awareness project in collaboration with Tealeaves, a tea company, Pantone invites everyone to colour disclosure. “We stared at Sahara, a place considered among the oldest on Earth, because through this inspiration we can highlight what was found on Earth before it was inhabited“, remarked Laurie Pressman, vice president of Panton Colour Institute. The message is clear: 75% of the world surface has been altered by human action. This has also led to the extinction of numerous species of fauna and flora. Biodiversity is severely compromised. It must be reversed. Soon. Pantone Colour of Biodiversity is intended to be a high-impact signal, impossible to miss, to put an end to any action that may continue to negatively affect biodiversity. The institute invites everyone to share the shade, especially on the web.

Share pink works with hashtag #colorofbiodiversity

Everyone can do their part. In particular, supporting works inspired by Pantone Color of Biodiversity that artists, designers, journalists and scholars share on the digital platform Biodiversity Design Hub, published by Tealeaves. “Amplify the colour to amplify the message” is the mantra that invites people to share creations on the brand’s Instagram profile with the hashtag #ColorOfBiodiversity.

Other pantone initiatives
to protect the planet

The determination of Pantone Color of Biodiversity is not the first initiative dedicated to sustainability by the institute. Previously, the organisation worked hard for the conservation of the Everglades, land of crocodiles and alligators in Florida. It also launched a campaign to protect coral reefs from climate change.

Renner and sustainability:
An eco-friendly range and flex project

Renner Italia is always at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Not only through the creation and production of water-based and bio-based coatings of Pure range. But also through special projects, such as the one in collaboration with CNR and Esa regarding satellite monitoring of chlorophyll photosynthesis.


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