DF—M001 PU blend with quick evaporation time. Recommended for application in winter season.
DF—M002 PU blend with quick evaporation time. Recommended for application in winter season.
DF—M003 Pu blend with medium-slow evaporation time. Recommended for general purpose during summer season and when it is required to improve product wet ability. Suitable for glossy topcoats. Not classified as irritant.
DF—M005 Thinner for general purpose, medium evaporation properties making it suitable for most different applications, granting good wet ability and quick drying at the same time. Not classified as irritant.
DF—M006 To be added to other thinner when quick drying shall be drastically reduced while improving coating wet ability. Extremely suitable for roller or brush applications on parquet.
DF—M007 Excellent viscosity cut, improved pot-life.
Due to its very quick drying time, it must be used together with other thinners to improve above mentioned properties or alone, for coating systems where more basecoat coats are required, as those on frames and furniture, at short interval times.
DF—M008 Recommended for topcoats applied with automatic systems (e.g. suspended arm air gun) subject to forced drying systems with warm air (e.g.: superall ovens) since it matches support wet ability with quick evaporation time, thus granting a complete solvent leak before the coming out of the substrate from the tunnel.
DF—M064 PU blend with medium-slow evaporation time. Ideal for general purpose in summer time and whenever product wet ability properties shall be improved.
DF—M600 Ideal for gloss topcoat application, in order to obtain the highest level of gloss and leveling.
DF—M610 To be used as retardant additive only (5 – 10 % max) for gloss topcoat in very hot season, together with DF—M600 or DF—M003.


PU coating thinners

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