DT—M070 If used alone, it suits spray application only, as it creates high atomization and reduced stain absorption (high colouring uniformity, poor pore marking). Because of its very quick evaporation , it can highligh GUN STRIPS if it is used in unsuitable systems or by less skilled users. If blended with water it is consistent with in any percentage, it becomes and extremely efficient thinner for manual spray application on big surfaces (e.g. doors) together with TM—M006 or TY—M001 stains, granting and excellent wet ability and uniforming colouring results, by providing water evaporation at the same time.
It is often used as quick thinner for PE coatings.
DT—M071 It be used alone as thinner for roller application. In spray applications it can be added in small quantities to quicker thinners, thus slowing drying time down and improves pore marking and wet ability.
DT—M074 Balanced blending of solvents ideal for spray stain application. It grants an excellent surface wet ability while keeping fairly quick drying times.
DT—M075 to be added to other thinners for spray application, to slow drying down and improve wet ability and pore marking. To be used also as thinner retardant (5 – 10 %) in nitro products, to balance drying time in summer season or in case of high level of humidity, to avoid unwanted effects such as coat whitening and fogging.


Stain thinners

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