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Pure is the new range of green coatings created by Renner Italia for indoor furniture and floorings. Pure formulations do not produce emissions and permanently eliminate VOC emissions.

Synthesis of non-refined vegetable substances (such as linseed oil and carnauba wax), mixed with highly regulated raw materials.

Just like all Renner coatings, also Pure range is formaldehyde-free and produced in Italian plants, fed by electrical energy from renewable resources.

Ask for the best of made in Italy chemistry

In terms of chemical performances, Pure coatings guarantee the best of the made in Italy.

They are single-component products with top performances concerning hardness / resistance to cold liquids / waterproofing / resistance to light / applicability / sanding / drying / stacking.

The high technological content of resins and natural raw materials makes Pure coatings suitable for both industrialized processes and skilled artisan applications.

Reduce special wastes

Using Pure plant origin coatings means adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability to fight climate change and ensure indoor air healthiness.

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