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SECURGLASS is Renner Italia shatterproof topcoat which make flat glasses safe. This hi-tech coating is certified EN 12600:2004 and is a crystal-clear glass armor. An invisible shield, complying with all security standards requirements in force in building field. As well as all other ITALIAN GLASS range coatings of Renner Italia, SECURGLASS is studied to satisfy the aesthetic needs of contemporary architects, where a crystal-clear effect is needed. The minimalist elegance, which is typical of glass, is always in step with the times. This product enhances this feature and it doesn’t change the intrinsic characteristics of glass, such as glossiness and shininess.

Certified coating
UNI EN 12600:2004

UNI EN 12600:2004 standard defines the parameters of resistance to impact, shatter and breaking modalities. Security in construction industry first aim is to reduce the risks of injury, linked to accidental impacts, when glass is used. Water-based topcoat SECURGLASS (GO M588) keeps the glass steady and holds the splinters that could be generated by the accidental break of a glass sheet. The aim is to reduce cut and perforation injuries. To comply with all the requirements of this strict standard, Renner Italia chemists created SECURGLASS, reaching the best compliance class of UNI EN 12600:2004 standard, class 1 (B) 1, for what concerns both tempered glasses (resistance for free falls) and non-tempered glass (resistance for cut injuries). The first number of the certification refers to the maximum height (1200 mm) at which the sample does not break or gets broken as a safety glass and it is measured in a scale from 1 to 3, where 1 is the best result. Letter B refers to the modality of stratified glass breaking. The last number is measured always in a scale from 1 to 3, where 1 is the best result, and represents the maximum fall height at which the sample does not break or gets broken as a safety stratified glass, keeping its capacity of containment.

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