The Via Emilia “Olivettis”, an article by Corriere della Sera

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[08.06.2015]  “Dozens of businessmen are socially committed on their own territory, investing on museums, schools, projects for former prisoners re-integration, cultural and scientific foundations”. Today, the new Corriere della Sera insert: Corriere Imprese, puts a spotlight on the “olivettiani” businessman (referring to Adriano Olivetti’s welfare, developed during the 50s and 70s in the italian industrial system) of the Emilia Romagna region. According to the economist Stefano Zamagni, these businessmen are the one who are fighting for a “way back to a civic humanism”. Among the “Olivettis of the Via Emilia” (an important Roman street that connected Rimini to Piacenza, and then to Milan), Andrea Rinaldi mentions Renner Italia managing director Lindo Aldrovandi too.

They do not only take care of their employees but they create foundations in order to inspire young people, they support and finance projects of social responsibility. They invest on the whole territory.

Among them, we can find excellent names: Marino Golinelli (Alfa Wasserman), Alberto Vacchi (Ima), Antonio Neri (Neri), Carlo Comandini (Vossloh-Schwabe), Romano Conficconi (Cierre Imbottiti), Elena Salda (Cms), Giovanna Furlanetto (Furla), Giovanni Arletti (Chimar), Guido Barilla (Barilla), Isabella Seragnoli (Coesia Spa), Maurizio Marchesini (Marchesini Group), Silvio Bartolotti (Micoperi), Sonia Bonfiglioli (Il Bonfiglioli). Lindo Aldrovandi, Renner Italia’s managing director is mentioned too.

“Lindo Aldrovandi, with his Renner Italia wood coatings company, in three years gave 8.400 euros to his employees as a 13th month salary (it is an operation that will be renewed for other three years) and he created the contest “La Buona Vernice” (Kinder Ferrero only thought about a similar initiative): a contest aiming to reward ten no-profit associations working on the territory of Bologna. Up for grabs: 35.000 euros”.

Here are some examples of their initiatives:

Ima, GD and Marchesini support former prisoners re-integration;
Barilla supports the association Gioco onlus for disabled kids;
Chimar offers english courses for employees children and created a greenhouse dedicated to fruits and vegetables planting, always for its employees;
Furla, in the next three years, will increase up to 10% the production bonuses for its employees.