Fill your home with beauty

Rich in colours and effects. Elegant and soft. Highly resistant and eco-friendly. Such are the characteristics of Renner Italia topcoats, stains, basecoats and UV products. Discover the advantages.

Aquaris wood coatings: choose the Made in Italy certainty

Created to enhance and protect furniture and to make it last over time, Renner Italia water-based coatings for interior are formulated with high strength anti-yellowing acrylic resins.

Resistant to scratches, abrasions and chemical agents, they protect furniture from the wear-and-tear of everyday use.
Mono or bi-component, UV cured, transparent or pigmented: this range implements the modern technologies of Renner Italia’s laboratories in order to guarantee the utmost quality and respect for the environment.
Whether you are a designer or a furniture maker, an artisan or a professional painter, choose the aesthetic solutions and chemical-mechanical performances that Aquaris coatings can offer you!

Beautiful, simple and convenient

Aquaris coatings are easy to apply, both manually and automatically.
The advantages are also economic: for high quality results you need to use 20% less product than the traditional solvent-based products. The reusable material, if adequately recycled, could be as much as 40%!

Respectful and certified

Thanks to the extremely low VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) the Aquaris range is the best friend of men and the environment.

Over the years, Renner Italia has obtained important certificates such as the one regarding the absence of heavy metals in its products, according to the European Standard EN 71.3 of 2002.
Some specific products comply also with the strict Italian norms regarding suitability for food contact and skin irritation.
Finally, some basecoats and topcoats, largely used by our customers, comply also with the 1985 German law LMBG B 82-10-1 as they have passed all resistance tests to saliva and sweat.