for innovative plastics

Endless solutions at hand to coat plastic thanks to Plasti:co coatings. Choose the best to decorate and protect plastics.

These products grants endless colours, effects and resistances, ensuring performances and beauty for objecrs belonging to engineering plastic industry.

Creativity goes beyond every limit thanks to PLASTI:CO coatings.

All top-quality products
to coat plastics

Plasti:co is the complete range of coatings for plastics developed inside Renner Italia laboratories.

  • Thinners and adhesion promoters for plastics
  • Hardeners for water-based and solvent-based coatings for plastics
  • Catalysts for epoxy primers
  • Water-based and solvent-based primers for plastics
  • Water-based and solvent-based basecoats for plastics
  • Solvent-based undercoats for plastics
  • Water-based and solvent-based topcoats for plastics

As all other Renner Italia products, Plasti:co coatings – especially water-based products – are eco-friendly. But you can expect the best by choosing green solutions.

Coat at best
every kind of plastic

  • Cosmetics: Packaging.
  • PCR plastic: Environment-friendly packaging.
  • Home appliances: Frames, Faceplates, Handles and pommles, Plinths.
  • Indoor furniture: Furniture and accessories, Inserts for furniture, Doors.
  • Garden furniture: Garden houses and gazebos, Garden furniture elements, Toys, Floor lamps and signage.
  • Lighting engineering: Lamps, Switch plates, Supports.
  • Industrial vehicles: Components of vans, buses, trucks and machinery.
  • Sport accessories: Skis and snowboards, Helmets and patches, Glasses, Dive masks and ski goggles, Jackets and boots inserts.
  • Motorcycles: Top box, Fairing, Dashboard, Nose fairing, Mirrors, Mudguard, Passenger handles, Heat insulator and tank, Other components.
  • Watercrafts: Furniture and accessories, Inserts for furniture, Doors, Components.
  • Accessories and small parts: Packagings, Buckles, Buttons, Hangers and coat racks.
  • Cars: Steering wheel, Glove box, Armrests and headrests, Airbag cover, Steering column cover, Columns, Patches, Switches, Air diffuser and defroster, Handles, Roof racks and mirrors, Bumpers, Radiator grille, Tire covers, Door seals, Door handles, Door mouldings, Windows patch, Hard top, Central pillar, Seals, Various patches, Side band, Plate support, Spoiler.

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